Recuperate in comfort after a cardiac episode or hospitalization with exceptional amenities at Whetstone Heart Health & Rehab Center

When recovering from a cardiac episode, heart surgery or chronic cardiac condition, trust Whetstone Heart Health & Rehab Center to provide outstanding inpatient rehabilitation designed to restore and maximize cardiopulmonary function. Cardiac care and recovery involves skilled nursing care, physical rehabilitation and lifestyle coaching to maximize quality of life upon return home. After hospitalization, cardiac care patients will stay in a well-appointed, private skilled nursing suite to continue their recuperation. Daily visits with the cardiac and therapy team will include physical rehabilitation exercises to maximize functioning. But that’s only one aspect of treatment. Each patient and family will work with a cardiac transition team to address lifestyle modifications to improve the patient’s quality of life upon return home. From learning to monitor early signs and symptoms of heart failure to finding local disease management classes and support groups, patients and families will be well equipped to successfully manage the condition prior to discharge. Amenities include:

  • Private rooms for cardiac patients
  • In-room dining featuring a heart health bistro menu
  • Cardiac focused therapy
  • Disease management classes and support group offerings
  • Comprehensive discharge planning and follow-up care

Hospitality comes first for all cardiac rehab guests recuperating at Whetstone Heart Health Center

As a guest or resident of Whetstone, you can always expect personal attention and to be greeted by name. It starts with a personal greeting from a friendly staff member when you first arrive. Discharge planning actually begins on the day of admission, with progress clearly communicated throughout your stay. Communication is the key to a successful rehabilitation plan. You’ll receive visits from dietary and activities staff members to determine personal dining and social preferences from the beginning of your stay. Room-service style dining is available with heart health bistro menu selections. 24-hour visitation ensures you can visit with loved ones whenever you’d like. Whetstone’s financial service resource coordinator provides billing assistance during your stay. Before your return home, the healthcare team will meet with you and your family for progress updates and discharge planning.

State-of-the-art technology streamlines delivery of healthcare data

Whetstone offers Wi-Fi so guests and patients can remain easily connected to their loved ones. From streamlined healthcare to personal connectivity, The MacIntosh Company continues to advance as a technological leader in the skilled nursing industry. All MacIntosh communities utilize electronic medical records to provide patients with the most efficient and accurate care. Computer kiosks in Whetstone’s patient care areas allow our nursing assistants to access a patient's medical record to determine specific patient needs, provide care and document the care provided in an efficient and accurate manner. Medical cart tablets enable our nurses to access a patient’s medical record in order to accurately dispense medication. Once the data is collected into these decision support tools, our nurses and doctors are able to quickly access and analyze the data to communicate further medical needs. Privacy protection is a primary focus for The MacIntosh Company. A patient can rest assured their private medical history is secure and HIPAA Privacy Policies are updated as needed. All staff members who access patient information receive training annually on HIPAA privacy policies. Our company annually hires an outside consulting firm to assess any risks to our patient healthcare information system. To learn more about amenities and hospitality at Whetstone Heart Health & Rehab Center, please call (614) 457-1100.