Whetstone makes admissions and discharge planning easy

You have a choice when selecting a place for cardiac rehabilitation. That’s why Whetstone Heart Health & Rehab Center continually finds new ways to be the best cardiac care and rehabilitation provider in Columbus, Ohio.

Admission criteria to The MacIntosh Company Heart Health Centers include a diagnosis that requires recovery and rehabilitation such as heart failure, hypertension, heart attack, cardiomyopathy, post cardiac surgery, post PTCA or PCI, or those having difficulty managing their disease at home.  See our full admission criteria here. 

Whether you or a loved one are coming to us from hospital, home or another care community, Whetstone ensures a seamless transition with admissions planning that begins before you arrive. From intake paperwork to insurance coverage verification and approval, Whetstone staff will work with you to ensure your entry into our community is a welcoming one.

For our post-hospital cardiac rehabilitation and shorter-stay guests, we have compiled a list of items to bring to help you recuperate in comfort.

Whetstone Heart Health discharge planning

While recuperating from a hospital stay, Whetstone guests should focus on their recovery and return home and let our staff focus on the rest. Discharge planning for our cardiac rehab patients begins at admission. Whetstone’s discharge planner meets with each patient and their family to help determine the patient’s needs and current support system in order to provide a safe and smooth discharge to home. The discharge planner also coordinates the patient’s interdisciplinary team of medical and therapy staff. Two important facet of discharge planning include transitioning back under the care of your cardiologist and setting up outpatient rehabilitation with a local cardiac clinic. Whetstone staff will help ease this transition to ensure a seamless continuation of care upon discharge. To learn more about admissions and discharge planning, please contact Whetstone Heart Health & Rehab Center at (614) 457-1100.