Creating opportunities to relax, rejuvenate and recharge are important aspects of the West Park Rehabilitation Center experience. Anxiety and worry can detract from successful rehabilitation. As our guest, you can take advantage of many center amenities.

  • Personalized In room amenities include individual room temperature control, flat screen TV with cable, private phone and half bath
  • Full-service Salon & Barber Shop with massage therapy, manicures and pedicures allowing you to look and feel your best during your recovery. Click here to view pricing »
  • Life Enrichment lounge is a wonderful place to socialize, play games, lift spirits and forge new friendships.  
  • Enclosed courtyard for a park-like visit with nature
  • Personal laundry and Linen Service
  • Activities and Outings
  • Transportation


  • Personal greeting from a friendly staff member upon admission
  • Personal visit from our Dining Services Manager to determine patient’s dietary preferences
  • Personal visit from Activity Department personnel to establish patients social preferences during their stay
  • Room Service Dining with around the clock snacks and open pantries
  • 24 hour visitation
  • Personal billing assistance from center’s Patient Financial Service Resource Coordinator. 
  • Interdisciplinary Care Conferences held with patient and family for progress updates and discharge planning


As a commitment to our customers, The MacIntosh Company continues to advance as a technological leader in the skilled nursing industry.

  • Kiosks: Computer kiosks in all MacIntosh Community patient care areas allow our nursing assistants to access a patient’s medical record to determine specific patient needs, provide care and log the care in an efficient and accurate manor. 
  • Medical Cart Tablets: These tablets enable our nurses to access a patient’s medical record in order to accurately dispense medication in a timely manor

Once the data is collected into these decision support tools, our nurses and doctors are able to quickly access and analyze the data to quickly communicate further medical needs.

  • Privacy Protection: is a primary focus for The MacIntosh Company. A patient can rest assured their private medical history is secure and only accessed by those in the need to know.
  • HIPPA Privacy Policies are updated as needed.  All staff members that access patient information receive training annually on HIPPA privacy policies.
  • Risk Assessment: Annually our company hires an outside consulting firm to assess any risks to our patient healthcare information system. 
  • WiFi: The MacIntosh Company understands the need for our patients to remain in constant communication with their loved ones while staying in our center. For this reason, we provide a mechanism for our patients to remain in email access with their loved ones.