Selection and enjoyment are the two goals our dining services team keeps in mind every day as we plan meals for our patients and residents.  Involving individuals in choices about food and dining, dining locations and meal times can help them maintain a sense of dignity, control and autonomy. It can also increase the desire to eat and improve quality of life. In addition to a seasonal menu we offer alternative menu selections and or culinary staff works hard to provide a wide variety of “made from scratch” items.

Food and Dining Philosophy:

The culture of health care and aging is changing with a much stronger focus on quality of life.  Food and dining are an integral part of individualized and self-directed care because the importance of food and dining are a significant element of daily living and quality of life. That is why selection and enjoyment are the two primary goals our dining services team keeps in mind everyday as we plan meals for our patients, residents and guest.  West Park offers a seasonal menu as well as alternative menu seletions.  To add to the variety, our culinary staff prepares numerous side dishes, ethnic favorites and homemade soups and desserts.  We also want to involve individuals and choices about dining locations and meal times thus giving them a sense of dignity, control and autonomy.  

The use of therapeutic diets, including low-salt, low-fat, and sugar-restricted diets are important in managing chronic disease.  Registered and Licensed Dietitians work together with our Dining Services Manager to assure that, when needed, these diets are planned and served properly.  Although designed to improve health, these diets can sometimes negatively affect the variety and flavor of the food offered.  Adequate nutrition is achieved by serving regular or minimally restricted diets that allow for resident choice.  The diet is determined with the person and in accordance with his/her informed choices, goals and preferences, rather than exclusively by diagnosis.  As with any medical issue, residents are monitored for desired outcomes as well as for potential adverse effects.

De-Institutionalizing the Dining Experience

Each of The MacIntosh Centers are committed to ensuring that time spent in the dining room is dignified, comfortable and pleasant. A beverage cart circles the dining room offering residents a choice of what they would like to drink.  Tables are set in a familiar way and plates are removed from their delivery trays upon arrival. The timing of breakfast occurs when the resident wakes up and is ready to eat.  Dining scarfs are used as an alternative to a traditional bib upon request.  Seating charts are either eliminated or at least made flexible.

Our Dining and Nutrition Services Include

  • At Your Service Dining
  • Chef Prepared MealsOpen Style Dining
  • Special Diets: Our dietitians play an important role in shaping our menus and we are able to handle most any special diet to include therapeutic diets
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Room Service
  • Snacks and Pantries
  • Guest Meals
  • Coffee Service
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