Maura Miller, President and CEO

Maura Miller


My name is Maura Miller. I am the CEO of The MacIntosh Company. I lead The MacIntosh Company and our family of caregivers in a patient centered business approach. This method to how we provide care makes you, our customer, our most precious asset. We are in tune with our customers’ needs and changes in the healthcare climate.

Few healthcare provider CEOs can say they get to touch the hands of the patients their company serves. As the CEO of a Columbus based healthcare company, I get the pleasure of seeing and visiting with our patients frequently. My background as a Licensed Social Worker and Nursing Center Administrator keeps me grounded in the importance of maintaining quality centers with care excellence. Our company remains committed to building long-term customer relationships through high-level customer satisfaction. As a socially responsible company, we encourage local volunteerism and charitable giving in the communities we serve. Our greater purpose fuels each MacIntosh Company employee to remain committed to providing personalized, uncompromised, healthcare.