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“Whetstone Felt Like Home!”

Linda and James Hughes, rehab patient at Whetstone Gardens and Care Center

“James spent five months in four hospitals with a total of 10 surgeries. He was weak and fragile when he arrived at Whetstone Gardens and Care Center. Physical therapy and occupational therapy worked so hard to get him up and moving to be ready to return home as soon as possible. Our six week stay felt like home. We felt like part of the family because everybody cared. You gave me back my husband, our children’s father, and our grandchildren’s grandfather. Because of Whetstone, James is 50 pounds lighter, off oxygen and exercises every day. Thank you so much! 

Linda and James Hughes
(James) Rehab patient at Whetstone Gardens and Care Center

"I personally experienced Pickaway Manor

and it was excellent!"


Flora Edwards PMCC Testimonial"I have to give credit to God for helping me heal after my hip replacement.  For recovery after surgery, I chose Pickaway Manor, not wanting to put the burden of caring for me on my children.  I had peace of mind with my choice, hearing from a friend about her plesant experience at Pickaway Manor.  I also personally know a physical therapist at the rehabilitation center.  My recovery was short and very smooth.  I wouldn't have been able to heal so quickly without God's guidance and the caring staff at Pickaway Manor.  I would recommend their services to anyone.  I completely trust in their care."

Flora Edwards
Former Rehab Patient of Pickaway Manor Care Center


From the moment I walked in the door......

I felt right at home! I toured many centers before making my way to New Albany Care Center, but knew I had found the right place to recover after my hip replacement surgery once I met the care team. After I checked in, there was little to worry about. The staff was friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. Even after the doctor cleared me to leave, I stayed to continue to work with their wonderful therapy team! I felt stronger, younger, and gained a whole new family of friends. I would highly recommend New Albany Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living!

~ Ed B. former rehab patient at New Albany Gardens and Care Center

“Pickaway Manor Care Center’s Rehab Staff Got Me Back To My Family”

Lillie Voss Former Rehab patient of Pickaway Manor Care Center

“I was doing my regular daily exercises when I fell and broke my right ankle. The break caused me to have surgery and be put in a cast. I was compromised and needed help. I went to Pickaway Manor for rehab and recovery based on several recommendations and their unique therapy unit. The excellent therapists and nurses worked with me to reach my goal of going home. Now back home with my family, I continue to do daily exercises this time with the techniques I was taught. I would definitely recommend Pickaway Manor.”

Lillie Voss
Former Rehab patient of Pickaway Manor Care Center

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This is a place to find friends!

I have lived here for almost 2 years and have loved finding new friends! There is always something to do and everyone is very friendly. Living here in New Albany Gardens has given me so much comfort and peace of mind!

-Myra W.  Resident of New Albany Gardens

"104 Years Wise"

Gertrude Fisher, assisted living patient at Whetstone Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living

“They take great care of me here, and are especially nice to me every day. Whetstone Gardens is a great place to live, everyone is great. I really like the friendship of the people in the assisted living.”

Gertrude Fisher
Assisted Living Resident 

“I would recommend Whetstone Gardens and Care Center 100%!”

“ I had a triple bypass and from the advice of my cardiologist at OSU Ross Heart Hospital, they recommended Whetstone Gardens and Care Center for skilled rehabilitation. I arrived at Whetstone and the staff took me under their wing. I received the best care and respect. The education I received from the cardiac transition coach made me realize I need to make lifestyle changes. The human touch they provided was amazing. The staff and therapy team were marvelous and after a few weeks, I am ready to leave and feel great!” 

A. Jabbarpour
Rehab patient at Whetstone Gardens and Care Center

Vilma Montenez“From the minute I came to New Albany for orthopedic rehabilitation, I knew I’d made a great choice.

“New Albany Rehabilitation Center makes a wonderful first impression. I liked the decor and quickly fell in love with the staff, their caring attitudes and customer service. I was especially happy that my family could have peace of mind that I was being well cared for during my rehab stay.”

Vilma Montanéz-Cardona
Former Patient of New Albany Rehabilitation Center

"Whetstone, My Number One Choice!"

"I have been a patient at Whetstone Rehabilitation Center four different times. Needless to say, I would not continue to come here for my short-term rehabilitation if I did not think highly of the center and the staff. All four of my stays have been excellent in essentially every single aspect.
Whetstone has an excellent therapy crew. They were all very friendly therapists who provided great care and treatment during my therapy sessions. I can't say enough about the therapy team at Whetstone.
The food is also very good. I liked that I had the option to choose from a wide variety of meals on the menu. I was not limited to one or two meals every day. They had healthy choices as well.
The staff was very friendly to me. One of the things that made me feel so good at Whetstone was that I was always treated as a person, not a patient. This made my stays much more comfortable and ideal, given my current situation at those times.
I felt I received good care and I would recommend Whetstone to anyone who needs short-term rehab or asks me where I would suggest he or she go. Any problem I did have was quickly addressed and resolved. I am very thankful for all of the care and kindness I received during my stays at Whetstone. Should I ever
need short-term rehab again, Whetstone will be my number one choice!"

-D. Robinson

"Monterey Got Me to Vegas!"

"During his trip, Earl's family had a hard time keeping up with him!"

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