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"Whetstone Put a Human Touch to My Experience"

Stephanie Fowler-small

“I ‘ve had 12 surgeries over the last couple of years and had my share of being a rehab patient.  After this last surgery I was admitted to Whestone Care Center unable to walk.  Today I am leaving walking with a cane and able to go up and down steps.  The entire staff is praise worthy.  I was very impressed by the dedicated, hard working nursing staff.  Whetstone isn’t a good rehab center, it’s a great one!  The therapy team was amazing, and the nurses are exceptional.  The Hospitality Aide was a face I counted on every day to come around.  She gave me a reason to smile.  She listened, was uplifting, encouraging and made a difference. Whestone’s team is genuine.  They touched my life in an important way, and I am very grateful.”

Stephanie Fowler

Rehab Patient at Whetstone Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living


"I learned that weight and blood pressure are very important in addition to taking my medications and when I need and call the Dr.”

J. A.
Former Heart Health patient

"The two things I learned at the heart health center are how to reduce the sodium intake in my diet and why I need to limit my sodium intake. I also learned why I need to stop smoking and the affect it has on my heart."

Former Heart Health patient

"I learned to read food labels and limit sodium and fats in my diet."

Former Heart Health patient

"New Albany Got Me Back To Doing The Things I Enjoy!”

Lucy Tavener, former rehab patient at New Albany Gardens and Care Center

“I am happy to be comfortably back to gardening, cooking and choir practice with my church. New Albany made a difficult recovery enjoyable, and I even looked forward to therapy. I would recommend New Albany to all of my friends.” 

Lucy Tavener
Former rehab patient at New Albany Gardens and Care Center

“Monterey Provides Top Notch Care”

“I spent seven months at Monterey Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing & Memory Care last year.  While I was a patient there, I honestly felt that I received top notch care from all of the staff.  Whenever I hear that anyone needs any of the services offered, I don't think twice about recommending any MacIntosh Center."

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  Michael Deloss
  Rehab patient at Monterey Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing & Memory Care

"This experience has changed our life by strengthening our interest in choosing better foods in our everyday diet."

Former Heart Health patient


Hi Natalie!

Just wanted to drop you a note to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and the daytime staff for their part in assisting my Aunt Virginia.

Being the young age of 94 and having to undergo the healing and physical therapy process that she endured over the past few weeks I'm sure wasn't easy for her, however, she is an absolute trooper and strived to do all that was asked of her to heal and be released back to her home.

I know that she is every bit as grateful as I am for the good care and kindness from all who helped her through this very trying journey. 

Thank you so very much for everything.


"I found my heart health journal very helpful to keep my medical information organized."

Former Heart Health patient

Memory care activities designed to enhance mental stimulation

At Monterey, our memory care neighborhood is designed to provide a soothing and comfortable environment. Resident engagement is encouraged with activities that stimulate residents and allow them to thrive and meet their daily potential. A secured courtyard and comfortable lounge provides places to visit with family and fellow residents.

To learn more about activities at Monterey Memory Care, call (614) 875-7700.