• Rounding Frequency:
    • Short Term Patients: Initial visit within 48 hours and then as needed during remainder of stay.
    • Long Term Patients: Every 30 days for 90 days and at least every 60 days thereafter.
  • Physician should either call prior to his visit or upon visit must inform the receptionist that he/she is here to make monthly rounds. The receptionist will then contact the appropriate nurse manager or Nurse to assist the Physician.
  • A Nurse Manager or Nurse may accompany the physician on his/her visit.
  • Residents should be seen in their individual room.
  • The following areas should be addressed with the physician during the visit:
    • Physicians Orders and Diagnosis
    • Medication management
      • Review Medications for appropriateness.
      • Review of Behavior Related medications
      • Review of Side Effects
    • PT,OT,ST Interventions
    • Nursing Interventions
    • Nutrition Intervention
    • Psychosocial Functioning
    • Functional Status (Increase, decrease, maintain)
    • Pain Management
    • Skin Assessment
    • Change of Condition
    • If the resident's quarterly care plan meeting was held that month and the physician was unable to attend, the physician will review the care plan, and make necessary recommendations.
    • Progress notes, should reflect results of the visit and orders must be signed.