Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation & Pre-Surgery Reservations
at New Albany

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Close to Home

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation at New Albany offers physical, occupational and speech therapies in the central Ohio area. If you are considering or have scheduled surgery and would like to plan for your recovery needs, we recommend making a pre-surgery reservation.

This will provide you with peace of mind that you’re prepared for both your surgery and recovery. When you make a pre-surgery room reservation at New Albany, there is no financial obligation should your surgery be canceled or postponed.

Knowing what to expect and that your room and medical team will be ready and waiting for you will allow you to feel more confident and at ease as a surgical patient. We invite you to tour our community, meet our team and ask questions about what to anticipate during your rehabilitation with us.

Discover where to recover, and contact us today!

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation at New Albany includes 40 private deluxe rooms, with built-in workspace desks and plenty of storage for your personal items. All suites are furnished in a comfortable, friendly environment with basic cable services and Wi-Fi. In addition to the rehabilitation team, we also have a medical team with attending physicians, a medical director, a director of nursing, nurses and nursing assistants to deliver high-quality care and a variety of services.

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