...we call it Mac Moments

“Coming to Monterey was a miracle. Before going to the hospital I could hardly walk.  Now I have my strength back and I am able to walk again.  My biggest problem was falling, and now I don’t have to worry about that. They helped me get my life back. I would recommend Monterey to anyone who is having the same problems I was. The therapy staff never gave up on me, they are wonderful.” 

Fred Icuus, November 2017 rehab patient

“My experience at Monterey was absolutely fabulous. The therapists were amazing, especially Patrick and Anthony. They didn’t let me get away with anything and that’s why I am able to walk out of here. The nurses and aides were there for me when I needed something. The kitchen staff was so friendly and the food tasted good. My husband was here 5 years ago and had amazing care, so that’s why I chose to come here for my rehab. Monterey has such a friendly atmosphere and they are very accommodating.” 

Karen Maloney, November 2017 rehab patient

I was at Monterey 4 years ago and you can tell they are constantly improving their center.  The new paint and furniture makes the rooms feel bigger and brighter.  The food has even improved and I enjoyed the wide variety of options available on the menu.  The staff went the extra mile for any care needs that arose and the therapy staff does a great job at working the patient to their limits and not pushing them farther just to reach a specific goal they’ve set for the patient.  I have been to other centers where this is the case.  Monterey is my number one center.

-Jimmie Harris, Skilled Patient at Monterey Rehabilitation Center, Skilled Nursing & Memory Care

"Monterey Got Me to Vegas!"

"During his trip, Earl's family had a hard time keeping up with him!"

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Hi Natalie!

Just wanted to drop you a note to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and the daytime staff for their part in assisting my Aunt Virginia.

Being the young age of 94 and having to undergo the healing and physical therapy process that she endured over the past few weeks I'm sure wasn't easy for her, however, she is an absolute trooper and strived to do all that was asked of her to heal and be released back to her home.

I know that she is every bit as grateful as I am for the good care and kindness from all who helped her through this very trying journey. 

Thank you so very much for everything.