Discover where to recover after a hospital stay or surgery or when you need outpatient rehab

After a hospital stay or surgery, coming home may seem too overwhelming or simply may not be an option. Discover where to recover with post-hospital rehabilitation and care at a MacIntosh Company care community.

From skilled nursing care to speech, physical or occupational therapy, you can make the transition from hospital to home a safe and simple one by choosing central Ohio's leader in post-hospital care and recovery. At The MacIntosh Company, we believe an acute illness, injury or surgical procedure can be life changing to the mind, body and spirit.

That’s why our post-hospital clinical team treats the whole person — physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each care community, associate, program and service collectively serve to boost your health and energy so that you can rehabilitate, recharge and recommit to living your best life.

Optimize your recovery to regain to the most independent lifestyle possible

Post-hospital rehabilitation and care is available at all seven of our central Ohio care communities, so you can remain close to home during your recuperation. Your clinical team will provide personalized therapy and nursing to optimize your outcome and make your transition home as simple and seamless as possible.

Each community also offers outpatient rehabilitation programs, when you need additional therapy following a hospital or skilled nursing center stay, or if you receive home care.

To learn more about post-hospital rehabilitation or outpatient rehab at a MacIntosh Company care community, visit the Our Communities section of the website or call (614) 345-9500 to find a care community near you.


“When I arrived, I received the help I needed and was shown the way to recovery. They also showed me the hospitality to ensure my comfort and gave me the hope I needed to carry on.”" < a href="" style="float:right;">Former Heart Health patient