older adult drivingColumbus Aging Experts Offer Advice for Adult Children

Many adult children consider this to be one of the most difficult issues to tackle with an aging loved one. Driving is a symbol of independence and self-esteem. Just bringing up the topic with a senior driver can make for a contentious, emotional conversation. One of the difficulties in knowing when it is time for an older driver to hang up the keys comes from the fact that everyone ages differently. So while some drivers might be considered safe on Columbus highways at the age of 90, others far younger might not be.

dtr-with-mom-in-coatsAfter a long, cold winter many Central Ohio families are looking forward to heading south to soak up the sun this month. If you are a caregiver for a senior you love, however, taking a break can often create anxiety. Worrying about how they are managing while you are away can keep you from relaxing and enjoying the time with your family. That can be especially true if your older loved one lives alone. One solution can be to utilize respite care.

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