Vitamin C Benefits for Seniors

Vitamin C Fruits

Vitamin C is typically associated with cold and flu season because it aides the body in fighting viruses. But it does so much more than just prevent colds, it’s also an essential nutrient in living and aging. Health Benefits Continued research shows evidence that vitamin C may help lower blood pressure as well as potential… Read more »

4 Tips to Travel Well with Your Senior Parents

Traveling Tips

Now that summer has arrived in central Ohio, many families are busy planning for a vacation. If your summer travel plans will include an older loved one, taking a few extra precautions can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. Traveling Well with Your Senior Parents Plan Your Itinerary Carefully: When you are traveling with… Read more »

Recognizing Early Signs of Hoarding

Early Signs of Hoarding

The current generation of seniors typically didn’t move much. Many have lived in their same home for many decades. After you have lived in a home for a number of years, it is easy to find you have accumulated a lot of extra belongings. It may lead adult children to have a difficult time assessing… Read more »

Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors


A green thumb is a healthy thumb. Discover the benefits of gardening for seniors to inspire you during this growing season! 1. Gardening helps keep seniors active. Gardening is a way to get your whole body moving. As you plant, weed and water, you’re putting your whole body to work. For seniors, an added benefit… Read more »

How to Decorate an Assisted Living Apartment

How to Decorate

Is your parent moving to an assisted living apartment? Do you have questions about how to decorate the new space? We have the answers! To help you through the process, we’d like to share these 5 tips for decorating an assisted living apartment. ____________________________________________________________________ Answers to the most common questions seniors have about moving to… Read more »

Why it’s Important to Choose an Assisted Living Community Offering a Continuum of Care

Pain Management

When assessing the right senior living community for your parent, ensure that you are considering their current and future care needs. A senior living community that offers a continuum of care may be the best option if you want to ensure your parent doesn’t need to move again when their care needs care. Optalis assisted… Read more »

How To Meal Prep Before Planned Surgery

Meal Prep Before Surgery

Meal prepping is one of the best things you can do to prepare for a planned surgery like a knee replacement or cardiovascular surgery. It’s an easy way to make the transition home from the hospital or post-hospital rehab center a little smoother. If you or a loved one will be having surgery soon, here are some… Read more »

The Emotional Side of De-Cluttering

We previously shared tips to help a Columbus area family who is helping a senior loved one de-clutter their home. We focused on how to get started and shared tips for making the process go more smoothly. Now let’s tackle the emotional side of downsizing. Listening and Sharing Memories as You De-Clutter a Senior’s Home As… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Aging Loved One

Spring is the perfect time to take a proactive approach in helping your loved ones stay healthy and engaged with life. Clutter can have a negative impact on an adult’s mental and physical well-being. On the physical side, clutter puts older adults at risk for illness or injury. Piles of newspapers and magazines, for example, can… Read more »

Healthy Weight Gain Tips for Seniors

Have you or your loved one lost weight recently without trying? Here are some helpful tips for healthy senior weight gain, as well as a look at some of the underlying issues the sudden weight loss may indicate. How to Help Older Adults Gain Weight in a Healthy Way If you or your parent is… Read more »