Senior-Friendly Festivals in Central Ohio

Summer in Central Ohio is a great time to visit local festivals. However, a festival that requires a lot of walking or doesn’t offer shade may make it difficult for your senior parents to enjoy themselves. But everyone is different. Your parents may be able to walk for hours but can’t stay in the sun… Read more »

What is the Average Length of Stay for Rehab?

Dear Jeremy: My husband had a heart attack a few weeks ago and will soon be discharged from the hospital. The cardiologist told us that it would be best for him to go to a skilled nursing and rehab center somewhere in the Columbus area for a month or so of physical therapy. The doctor was very… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Aging Loved One

Dear Joe: I will be visiting my mom who lives in Columbus later this month. One of my goals for the trip is to help her with spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Since my father passed away a few years ago, Mom has become something of a hoarder. She just won’t get rid of anything! My… Read more »

Key Questions to Ask When Touring a Rehab Center

If your loved one has been hospitalized for an illness, injury, or surgery, it is likely that your physician will order follow-up care in a short-term rehab center. An important part of a successful recovery is finding a post hospital rehab center with a proven track record for rehabilitating patients and returning them home. Of course,… Read more »

Ask the Expert: Post-Hospital Rehab Insurance Questions

  Dear Kristen, My father was recently hospitalized for a broken hip. Dad’s doctor told us that he’ll need post-hospital rehab following his stay to help him get back on his feet. Now we’re trying to figure out how (or even if) the rehab will be covered by his insurance, but it’s been really confusing… Read more »

Ask the Expert: How Much Does a Nursing Facility Cost?

Dear Cassie: My father will be having hip replacement surgery later this month. I’m trying to figure out how much a nursing and rehab center will cost and how much of it his Medicare will pay for? He lives in Central Ohio just outside Columbus. Can you help? It all seems so confusing! Renee Dear… Read more »

Ask the Expert: Senior-Friendly Places in Columbus, Ohio

Dear Kara: I’m trying to create a list of senior-friendly places in and around the Columbus area for my 81-year old mother and her friends. I’m specifically looking for restaurants and stores that offer senior discounts or special services to make life easier for older adults. Do you have such a list or do you… Read more »

Communicating with Your Loved One Who Has Dementia

communicating with your loved one who has dementia

A person who has dementia may have difficulty finding the right words; they may repeat certain sounds, words, and phrases, seem confused, and be unable to adequately express themselves. This frustrating condition causes people to feel helpless, anxious, irritable, and depressed – a very difficult state to witness, especially when it attacks a person who… Read more »