MacIntosh Moments to Celebrate Employees

MacIntosh Moments

We are so excited to share this news with you! If you have been in one of our centers recently, you may have noticed a new logo and signage floating around about MacIntosh Moments! But what is “MacIntosh Moments”? We’re glad you asked! MacIntosh Moments Within our company, we strive to uphold our promise to… Read more »

Staying Heart Healthy at Home

Heart Healthy Meal

Dear Tacy: My parents are both retired and starting to slow down a bit. I’m a little concerned that their more sedentary lifestyle is putting them at risk for heart problems. Do you have any tips you can share on how to keep your heart healthy as you grow older? Ruth Dear Ruth: I do!… Read more »

Comparing Costs of Assisted Living vs. Living at Home

Comparing Costs

Are you or a loved one having some trouble living independently at home? Are you starting to consider assisted living as an option? If so, you likely want to find the right care, but you also want to know how much each option is going to cost before you make any final decisions. Comparing costs… Read more »

Finding Long-Term Care For Your Parent

Finding Long-Term Care

If you’ve started to notice changes in your senior parent, you may be looking for answers. Maybe Dad is having trouble eating and bathing himself. Perhaps Mom has received a new diagnosis or her chronic illness has worsened. After seeking solutions and discussing your concerns with a physician, you might wonder if long-term care is… Read more »

Life in an Assisted Living Community

What life is like in AL

Dear Jennifer, We are getting ready to move my mother into an assisted living community, and she’s very apprehensive. She doesn’t like change anyway, and even though we toured the community, she’s not sure what life will be like once she moves in. Can you give us an idea? Sincerely, Freda What to Expect in… Read more »

Which Is Better—Assisted or Home Living?

Senior mother with Adult child talking to Nurse

Your senior parents need help. You know it. They probably know it, although they may not want to admit it. They may be having problems with: Chronic illness or disease, such as high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol or diabetes Declining physical ability, such as vision, hearing, balance or walking Home safety Home maintenance and… Read more »

Staying Active and Engaged in Long-Term Care

staying active and engaged

Dear Beth, My mom is currently living at an assisted living community in the Columbus, Ohio area. However, her health has deteriorated in the past few months and the community has told us that she will need to go to a long-term care community to receive the proper level of care. The community she’s at… Read more »

Assisted Living Activities to do in Columbus, Ohio

Assisted Living Activities

Initially, visiting a senior loved one in assisted living might seem uncomfortable. What will you do? What should you talk about? Not to fear – with a little planning, you can have a handful of fun activities to suggest. And our list might just inspire you to create your own favorite visiting activity. Read on… Read more »

Is a Skilled Rehab Center the Best Option?

is a skilled rehab center best?

Is it better to recover at home or at a skilled rehab center after an illness, accident, or injury? It all depends on your situation.  If you’re helping a loved one make this decision, read the following story and learn more about your options.  Is Home Care or Short-Term Rehab Better? Joy, whose father had… Read more »

How’s the Food in Rehab?

How's the Food in Rehab

Dear Sharon, My mother is having her knee replaced, and she will be staying at a Central Ohio rehabilitation facility to recover. However, she is an extremely picky eater. I’m concerned she won’t like the food and will be miserable during her stay. Yours Truly, Cynthia Choose the Food You Like at Rehabilitation Centers Dear… Read more »