Talking with a Senior Loved One About Finances

Adult children often struggle to begin a conversation about finances with an aging loved one. For many families, financial matters were never discussed in front of “the children.” As a senior loved one gets older or begins to experience health problems, however, these conversations become increasingly more important. In the event of a crisis, would… Read more »

What Central Ohio Seniors Should Know About Arthritis

The myths about arthritis are numerous. Some of them are so prevalent that they keep older adults who live with the disease from seeking the proper advice needed to help relieve the pain and symptoms of the disease. We will evaluate some of the most common myths about arthritis and share the facts behind the… Read more »

20 Ways to Protect Your Joints

Keeping your joints healthy is an important part of successful aging. While most of us know there is no cure for arthritis, what most of us aren’t sure of is if there are proactive steps that will help keep joints in good condition. Here are few recommendations: Maintain a healthy weight. Every extra pound you carry… Read more »

Aggression in Men with Alzheimer’s Disease

We know women outlive men for a variety of reasons. But if you visit a memory care program in an assisted living community, you will likely notice men make up what seems to be a disproportionate amount of the resident population. A new study on Alzheimer’s and men sheds light on why. Looking at three years of… Read more »

Can Walking Help Prevent Frailness in Older Adults?

Most seniors and their caregivers know that as we age the risk of a fall increases. It is due to a variety of reasons. These reasons often include poor nutrition, lack of muscle tone, and medications that cause dizziness and problems with balance. Strength training and exercises that work core muscles, such as yoga and… Read more »

Helping a Central Ohio Senior with Medicare Open Enrollment

Every fall we receive questions about Medicare open enrollment from adult children in the Columbus area. Because many of them are not yet eligible for Medicare, they need advice on how to help their aging parent navigate through the yearly open enrollment process. What is Medicare Open Enrollment? For those unfamiliar with the open enrollment… Read more »

Making Sense of the Medicare Rehab Benefit for 2017

When a central Ohio senior you love is hospitalized for an illness or injury or planning for an upcoming surgery, understanding what Medicare will cover for rehab to help with their recovery is important. Older adults and adult children may not have had any experience using their Medicare benefit beyond physician appointments and outpatient testing until now…. Read more »

11 Tips for Keeping Central Ohio Seniors Safe This Summer

If you are the caregiver of an aging loved one, be aware that summer can produce just as many safety risks as winter in Central Ohio does. Heat and humidity can be especially dangerous for older adults. Mosquitoes, pollen, and ticks can also be problematic. We’ve pulled together a list of the most common health… Read more »

Respite to Give Caregivers Time for Spring Break

After a long, cold winter many Central Ohio families are looking forward to heading south to soak up the sun this month. If you are a caregiver for a senior you love, however, taking a break can often create anxiety. Worrying about how they are managing while you are away can keep you from relaxing… Read more »