Ask the Expert: Understanding the Goals of a Short-term Rehab Center

My father’s physician is recommending a short-term rehab after Dad leaves the hospital. I’m not exactly sure what that entails, and, to be honest, it sounds a little scary! Can you help me understand what I need to know? -Evelyn in Columbus, OH Hi Evelyn, Many central Ohio older adults (or their family members) may… Read more »

Keeping Your Central Ohio Senior Safe in the Summer Heat

When the mercury soars, seniors in the Columbus area are at greater risk for heat-related problems. These can range from minor sun poisoning to life-threatening dehydration or sunstroke. Being aware of potential issues can help you keep the older adult you love safe this summer. Summer Safety Tips for Central Ohio Seniors Hydration: Encourage the older… Read more »

4 Tips to Travel Well with Your Senior Parents

Now that summer has arrived in central Ohio, many families are busy planning for a vacation. If your summer travel plans will include an older loved one, taking a few extra precautions can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. Traveling Well with Your Senior Parents Plan Your Itinerary Carefully: When you are traveling with… Read more »

Answering Questions about Congestive Heart Failure

We recently sat down to talk with Dr. Garrie Haas, the Program Advisor for The Macintosh Heart Health Program, to talk about Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Summer can be a tough time of year for people who live with this chronic disease. Q: What causes Congestive Heart Failure? CHF represents symptoms caused by injury to… Read more »

Addressing the Concerns Seniors Have About Moving

If you or an older adult you love will be transitioning to a senior living community this spring, you may be more than a little fearful about it. Giving up a house you have lived in for many years is never easy. It can be especially difficult if it is the home where you raised… Read more »

7 Tips to Keep Your Senior Active Physically & Mentally

Staying active and engaged with life as you grow older can help you stay both mentally and physically fit. People who stay connected are less likely to develop illnesses ranging from diabetes to hypertension. In fact, health experts have identified isolation as a health risk for seniors. If you are an adult child or caregiver for… Read more »

Recognizing the Early Signs of Hoarding in a Senior Loved One

The current generation of seniors typically didn’t move much. Many have lived in their same home for many decades. After you have lived in a home for a number of years, it is easy to find you have accumulated a lot of extra belongings. It may lead adult children to have a difficult time assessing… Read more »

The Importance of Maintaining Regular Physician Visits

Most of us would rather not go to the doctor. For central Ohio seniors who have been hospitalized and completed therapy at an inpatient rehab center, this may be especially true. Once you are finally back on your feet and feeling better, it can be easy to think that keeping your physician appointment really isn’t… Read more »

6 Considerations in Choosing a Skilled Rehab Center

If a Columbus area senior loved one is hospitalized following an injury or illness, or if they are recovering from a planned surgery, their physician has likely recommended they continue their rehab. In many cases, the recommendation is a short-term stay in a skilled nursing and rehab center. While most older adults are anxious to… Read more »

Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about MyCare Ohio

We know older adults in the Columbus area have questions about the new MyCare Ohio program. Designed to help coordinate benefits for seniors who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, it officially launched in January of this year. To help provide seniors with the answers we know they are looking for, we recently spoke… Read more »