Key Questions to Ask When Touring a Rehab Center

If your loved one has been hospitalized for an illness, injury, or surgery, it is likely that your physician will order follow-up care in a short-term rehab center. An important part of a successful recovery is finding a post hospital rehab center with a proven track record for rehabilitating patients and returning them home.

Of course, the world of post hospital rehab is not something everyone is familiar with, which makes it difficult to know what you should be looking for in a physical therapy center. The two best things you can do are to take a tour and ask the right questions when you do.

Does a Tour Really Matter When Choosing a Center for Physical Therapy After a Hospital Stay?

The simple answer? Yes! The ultimate key to finding the best physical therapy for your senior’s needs is to make an in-person visit to each potential center.

By touring a center that offers rehab for elderly patients, you can get a better idea of the environment, the quality of care, and the attentiveness of the staff. These are all extremely important considerations when choosing a post hospital rehab center. You want to find a place that will provide Mom or Dad with the same level of care you would, and a tour helps you make a better-informed decision.

What to Ask When Touring a Central Ohio Short-Term Rehab Center

To help you make your decision, here are a few questions you might want to ask when you are touring post hospital senior rehab centers. Some are medical-related, some therapy-related, and others are simply lifestyle-related to help you get a full picture of what the stay will be like for your parent or loved one.

  • How many days a week will my loved one receive therapy?
  • Will my parent participate in therapy even on the weekends?
  • How long does each therapy session last?
  • Can my loved one request a male or female physical therapist to feel more comfortable?
  • Will they have a private room or will they have a roommate?
  • What is the staff to patient ratio?
  • How many patients does each nurse care for at one time?
  • How many patients does each aide care for during their shift?
  • How often will the rehab center’s physician see my parent?
  • Will my loved one be able to choose my meals from a menu?
  • Where will my parent eat?
  • Are the staff members your own or are they contracted?
  • How long is the average tenure of staff?
  • What expertise and special certifications does the nursing staff have?
  • What credentials and experience do the therapy teams have?
  • Do you accept my parent’s insurance?
  • Can we visit anytime or are there visitation hours?
  • Can I observe the therapy sessions?
  • What will my loved one do during the times they’re not receiving therapy?
  • Do you have an internet connection for laptops or tablet devices?
  • Will my parent have their own television? Does it have cable?
  • Will my loved one have their own phone?
  • Can I call my parent’s room directly?
  • How long do patients typically stay for rehab?
  • When it is time for discharge, how do you help my parent prepare for the transition back home?

Aside from these questions, there are few other things you should consider when choosing the right skilled rehab center for your senior. You can read more about choosing a post hospital rehab center here.

Senior Rehab in Columbus Ohio

The MacIntosh Company offers several Columbus area locations with post hospital inpatient rehabilitation, nursing, and recovery care. Post hospital rehabilitation and care are available at these central Ohio communities:

We invite you to visit us at your convenience to find the best fit for your parent’s needs. If your parent requires rehab after a fall, injury, or surgery, we’re here to help.

Questions About Choosing a Post Hospital Rehab Center?

If you still have questions about choosing a physical therapy center for your parent or loved one, you might like our guide to post hospital rehab. It will provide you with a step-by-step guide to choosing a rehab center, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.