MacIntosh Resident & Staff Safety Efforts

Health & Safety Protocol

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain, MacIntosh continues to work effortlessly to protect our residents and team members. We are closely following all CDC and ODH guidelines as well as any additional recommendation. We have kept in contact with our families on a regular basis to share any updates we may have and the status of their loved ones well-being. Centers that are able have opened for outdoor, scheduled visitation with loved ones. While we have canceled all community activities and are unable to perform activities as we usually would, we are ensuring our residents are still able to partake in activities through social distancing and proper use of PPE.

While there was a significant series of protocols already in place, we’ve enhanced these measures and added a few additional items to aide in protecting our residents and staff. Below you will find our protocols, before COVID-19 and additions since the onset of the novel Coronavirus.

Competency programming

Upon hire, employees are tested for core/key competencies of their job function to establish a baseline and training is provided for any detected deficits. Ongoing monthly competency training are provided for all disciplines, keeping staff up to date on most recent care, treatments and technologies. Under COVID-19, we now perform weekly audits of employee job function performance in stopping the spread of COVID-19 including handwashing, PPE usage, sanitation practices and more.

Infection Preventionist

Within each MacIntosh center and at the corporate level there is a certified individual that has met all required course attendance and successful exam completion. This certified individual is responsible for ensuring all infection control processes are in place and appropriately executed. Their role was elevated greatly with the onset of the COVID-19 virus. Infection control adherence is one of the focuses from the ODH annual survey process. With COVID-19, the Infection preventionist provide weekly education to our staff and residents on COVID-19 updates, prevention, signs and symptoms, best practices, social distancing, etc.

Interdisciplinary Approach

An interdisciplinary approach to care under a team comprised of a physician, nurse practitioner, nursing team, therapy, nutritionist and a social worker, that coordinate efforts to optimize the patients overall health and positive outcomes. Due to COVID-19, this now includes a department head assigned to our residents to check-in with them twice a week and update families as well as responsible parties as needed.

Individualized care plans

In order to ensure the upmost quality of care and safety, customized care plans are developed for each resident through collaboration between patient/residents, their family and our team. Patients are well prepared to return to a next level of care prior to being discharged through teaching and training for the patient and family as well as a home visit with the patient to work within their familiar surroundings, ensure supportive equipment is ordered for their home and additional support services such as home health, out-patient rehab or private duty services are set up. A follow up appointment is scheduled with their primary care physician and any specialists, if applicable. Discharge instructions are reviewed with the patient and their family as well as sent to their PCP as well as any receiving Home Health team, if appropriate.

Quality Hygiene

Quality Hygiene

Quality but basic hygiene consisting of hand washing with soap and water before and after caring for a patient as well as utilization of hand sanitizer which can be found in patient rooms and hallways throughout the communities. Enhanced cleaning protocols that verify all cleaning agents used meet the CDC standards for killing virus’s (including Covid-19). Utilizing a process/company called Bio Pure to effectively and efficiently disinfect our centers on a regular basis. Daily housekeeping in each resident’s room and all common spaces with goals to both disinfect and tidy up. Routine wipe down of common areas throughout the day. Under COVID-19, we’ve updated our routines to washing/sanitizing resident hands before meals and activities as well as encouraging residents to wear masks while our staff are providing direct care to them as an added safety measure.

Laundry is washed at extraordinary temperatures.

Assigned levels of isolation precautions per physician direction are a standard practice in our centers.  Most patients are placed in a private room, greatly reducing the opportunity for added infection risk.

Therapy equipment is well maintained and on a cleaning and calibration schedule to optimize the effectiveness and safety. Group therapy was suspended and therapy staff worked to create a safe environment for individualized sessions during COVID-19.

Regular Staffing Routine

Established staffing metrics are adhered to, ensuring we have above adequate numbers of staff to meet the current occupancy of the center. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is readily available and worn per CDC protocol.

Guest Screening

All guest are subject to a screening process prior to entering the center.  Those entering our centers are currently restricted to staff and those meeting the requirements of “essential” to care and or business. With the arrival of COVID-19, a series of questions were added to the process along with temperatures being checked to ensure “essential health care workers/guests to the center” are fever free. In July an all Ohio SNF employee baseline was established through mandatory COVID-19 testing and as of August 3, all SNF staff and residents will be tested every other week in collaboration with the National Guard and ODH.

Food Safety

Food safety guidelines are in place and closely followed to ensure all food is prepared appropriately.  Centers have certified cooks and executive chefs on their culinary teams. Foods that should be hot/cold are provided within strict temperature ranges. Dishes and serve ware are sanitized/washed at extraordinary temperatures and our kitchens are sanitized consistently.

ODH Survey

Our centers are surveyed annually by the Ohio Department of Health to ensure the safety and quality of the care being delivered. Both processes as well as the physical plant is considered in the safety focused portion of the survey. Under COVID, each building received an initial focus survey on infection control and COVID-19 protocols with no citations.

At the MacIntosh communities, safety is a not a new concern, it’s a core value. It has been at the heart of who we are from the very beginning.