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Ask the Expert: 4 Easy Tips for Outdoor Rehab

Dear Jeremy: My husband had knee surgery earlier this month and has completed most of his rehab program that his doctor suggested. However, outside of rehab he’s been sitting a lot more than he ever has in his life. I know that can’t be good for him. He’s always been a real outdoorsman. I’m hoping… Read more »

How Do I Know if a Skilled Rehab Center is the Right Option?

Dear Amanda: My father has been battling with a serious case of pneumonia that landed him in the hospital. The social worker told us today that we should expect him to be discharged in about three more days. She also let us know that my father’s primary care physician wants dad to continue with rehab… Read more »

How is Patient and Family Communication Handled in Rehab?

Dear Kara: My mom will need inpatient rehab after she is discharged from the hospital. Her physician feels like she needs it to continue her recovery. This whole area is new to us. We aren’t quite sure what to expect next and at each stage of her rehab. Can you please share more information with… Read more »

The Perks of Recovering in Rehab

Dear Jeremy, My mother-in-law will be having hip surgery in a Columbus area hospital later this month. Her physician has recommended she transition to a short-term rehab center to continue her recovery after she is discharged from the hospital. Unfortunately, she is fairly stubborn and refuses to even consider the idea. She thinks she can… Read more »

Ask the Expert: Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab

Dear Jeremy: I have a question about inpatient rehab versus outpatient rehab. My husband recently came down with a bad case of pneumonia. He had to be hospitalized and while he’s making progress, he’s not yet back to his old strength. When he stands, I’m worried he’ll fall because he’s still a little shaky. His… Read more »

Ask the Expert: Benefits of Pre-Registering for a Post-Hospital Rehab Stay

Dear Edward: I will be going into a Columbus-area hospital for knee replacement surgery this fall. My surgeon informed me that I will need to transition to a short-term rehab center for more therapy after I leave the hospital. He mentioned that some rehab centers accept pre-registrations so patients can set-up their stay before they… Read more »

Ask the Expert: Understanding the Goals of a Short-term Rehab Center

My father’s physician is recommending a short-term rehab after Dad leaves the hospital. I’m not exactly sure what that entails, and, to be honest, it sounds a little scary! Can you help me understand what I need to know? -Evelyn in Columbus, OH Hi Evelyn, Many central Ohio older adults (or their family members) may… Read more »

6 Considerations in Choosing a Skilled Rehab Center

If a Columbus area senior loved one is hospitalized following an injury or illness, or if they are recovering from a planned surgery, their physician has likely recommended they continue their rehab. In many cases, the recommendation is a short-term stay in a skilled nursing and rehab center. While most older adults are anxious to… Read more »

Ask the Expert: How Much Does Post-Surgery Rehab Cost?

Dear Cassie: My father will be having hip replacement surgery later this month. I’m trying to figure out how much a nursing and rehab center will cost and how much of it his Medicare will pay for? He lives in Central Ohio just outside Columbus. Can you help? It all seems so confusing! Renee ___________________________________________________________________… Read more »

Ask the Expert: What to Pack for a Short-term Rehab Center Stay

Dear Tacy: We just found out that my dad needs to go to a short-term rehab center once he is discharged from the hospital. We have a lot of questions about this process, but one of our more immediate questions is about the items he should bring with him to rehab. Can you offer any… Read more »