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Ask the Expert: Types of Post-Hospital Therapy for Seniors

Dear Kelly, About a week ago, my 74-year-old mom had a stroke. None of us were prepared for something like this, and now we’re scrambling to take care of her as best we can. The stroke wasn’t a severe one and she’s doing well, but she is having some speech issues and difficulty balancing. Her… Read more »

All Better! Now What? Post Rehab Tips for Your Parent

You’ve been through the hospitalization process and the transition to rehab with your loved one. You’ve helped your parent navigate their recovery journey, and now they’re back on their feet and ready to return home. So now what? What Comes After Senior Living Rehab? If you’re wondering what comes after your parent is discharged from… Read more »

Post-Hospital Rehabilitation Care Center Checklist

Selecting a post-hospital rehabilitation center is an important decision. We believe MacIntosh rehabilitation centers are superior, and we invite you to compare us with other central Ohio rehab centers. Tour a MacIntosh center and two other centers using the below selection criteria to assist in making a decision. 2 = Excellent 1 = Acceptable 0… Read more »

Diabetes: How It Affects Rehab

If you’re a person with Type 2 diabetes, you’re probably already aware that you will always experience medical complications. That risk is heightened if you’re older, overweight or in poor health. What can you expect from post-surgical rehab? Even if your blood sugar was under control when you went in for surgery, it may well not… Read more »

Why does my husband need cardiac rehab?

Dear Dr. Haas, After a recent heart attack, my husband was told he needs to go to a rehab facility. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Why does he need rehabilitation for his heart? Sincerely, Jean Why does my husband need cardiac rehab? Dear Jean, In the past, there was no such thing as… Read more »

Hospital to Home: How to Prevent Rehospitalization

Dear Jane: My uncle, who I am a guardian for, is in the hospital. In addition to having surgery to repair his broken leg, he has Alzheimer’s disease. He has been living with my wife and me for about a year now. We were having a tough time managing his care before the fall that… Read more »

What Are Realistic Expectations for Rehab?

Dear Jeremy: My dad will be having hip surgery in a few weeks. It is something he has put off for several years, and now, his hip is in pretty rough shape. The orthopedic surgeon has let us know that he will need to transfer to a skilled nursing and rehab center afterward. The catch… Read more »

Admitting from Home to Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Dear Averi: I work at a Columbus-area hospital and am interested in learning more about your admission process. Our department often receives questions about how to admit a senior directly from home to a skilled nursing and rehab center, and we are a little confused about how it works. Would you be able to outline… Read more »

5 Reasons Not to Bring Your Parent Home from Rehab

Dear Kim, My dad is currently a patient at a rehab center in Columbus. He had a bad fall down some stairs that required extensive surgery. We know he will need to stay in rehab for several more months and likely continue with outpatient therapy. With the holidays coming up, we’d like to bring him… Read more »

Transitioning Home After a Rehab Stay

Dear Janet: Our dad is just finishing up a stay in a rehab center and will be discharged home soon. It’s been a long road for him since he had his stroke, and we want to make sure we do everything we can to help him make a smooth transition back to his house. Do… Read more »