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How Long-Term Care Can Help Your Parent with Physical Fitness

Exercise is vital at all ages. However, for seniors, it often comes with unique challenges. Those challenges can stand in the way of seniors maintaining a healthy level of physical activity. But there is help available. Long-term care communities are designed to make it easy for seniors to safely engage in physical activities—here’s how. Fitness… Read more »

The Difference Between Long-Term Care and Memory Care

What’s the difference between long-term care and memory care? Knowing the answer can help you find the best fit for your parent. Below, we’ll explore the difference between the two, as well as how to determine which is right for your loved one. Long-Term Care vs Memory Care Long-term care is a service designed for seniors… Read more »

What Are Activities of Daily Living?

Activities of daily living are the things people do every day, like eating, bathing or dressing. That’s the short answer. The long one includes answers to questions like why activities of daily living (ADLs) matter and how they can help you tell what level of care your parent needs. Here’s what you need to know… Read more »

A Day in the Life at a MacIntosh Long-Term Care Community

Long-term care is becoming an increasingly common need for older adults. In fact, it’s estimated that about half (52%) of Americans 65 or above will need some type of long-term care service in the future. However, those are just numbers. Your parent isn’t a number. Your loved one isn’t a statistic. If they end up in the… Read more »

Ask The Expert: How to Help Dad Move to Memory Care

Dear Allie, After trying for years to help my dad stay at home, my wife and I have determined he’s not safe in his home. We’re moving him to memory care at West Park in Columbus. However, he doesn’t want to move from his home. How can we make the move easier on him? How can we make him… Read more »

Advice for Patients: Paying for Skilled Nursing

Your patient requires skilled nursing care, but the family has no resources and is unsure how to pay for it. What can you tell them? Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Care Your patient must meet the following criteria before Medicare will cover their care in a skilled nursing facility: They have Part A Medicare with days left… Read more »

Managing the Cost of Skilled Nursing Care

Dear Averi: My aging mother needs more help than I can provide for her. In my conversations with various continuing care retirement communities, I think that skilled nursing would probably be the best option. What do I need to do? Any advice would be helpful. Sincerely, Dora Dear Dora, You have provided a great service… Read more »

Aggression in Men with Alzheimer’s Disease

We know women outlive men for a variety of reasons. But if you visit a memory care program in an assisted living community, you will likely notice men make up what seems to be a disproportionate amount of the resident population. A new study on Alzheimer’s and men sheds light on why. Looking at three years of… Read more »

Making Sense of the Medicare Rehab Benefit for 2017

When a central Ohio senior you love is hospitalized for an illness or injury or planning for an upcoming surgery, understanding what Medicare will cover for rehab to help with their recovery is important. Older adults and adult children may not have had any experience using their Medicare benefit beyond physician appointments and outpatient testing until now…. Read more »

Is this Alzheimer’s? Common Health Conditions that Mimic Dementia

A concern we frequently hear from Columbus area family caregivers is that they don’t know how to tell if the changes they see in the person they care for are a normal part of aging or Alzheimer’s disease. Loved ones often rush to the conclusion that their family member has Alzheimer’s when they exhibit one of the… Read more »