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Addressing Concerns Seniors Have About Moving

Addressing Concerns about Moving

If you or an older adult you love will be moving to a senior living community this spring, you may be more than a little fearful about it. Giving up a house you have lived in for many years is never easy. It can be especially difficult if it is the home where you raised… Read more »

Financial Conversations with a Senior Loved One

Financial Conversations

Adult children often struggle to begin a conversation about finances with an aging loved one. For many families, financial matters were never discussed in front of “the children.” As a senior loved one gets older or begins to experience health problems, however, these conversations become increasingly more important. In the event of a crisis, would… Read more »

Helping a Senior with Medicare Open Enrollment

Helping a Senior with Open Enrollment

Every fall we receive questions about Medicare open enrollment from adult children in the Columbus area. Because many of them are not yet eligible for Medicare, they need advice on how to help their aging parent navigate through the yearly open enrollment process. What is Medicare Open Enrollment? For those unfamiliar with the open enrollment… Read more »

Staying Connected Virtually During COVID-19

Staying Connected Virtually During COVID-19

Staying connected has never been as important as it is during this stressful time. That is why we are pleased to provide our residents and their families and friends innovative communication options with Virtual Visitation and MacIntosh Messaging. Virtual Visitation If you would like to enjoy a virtual visit with one of our Care Center… Read more »

Warning Signs that a Senior Needs More Help

warning signs a senior may need help

Dear Regina: I went home to visit my mother in the Columbus area over the holidays. It was my first in-person visit with her since last spring. Besides losing weight, she seemed a little disorganized and nervous during my stay. I’m not sure if this is just normal aging or signs that she needs help… Read more »

How to Involve Your Parent in Care Decisions

INvolving Your Parent in Care Decisions

Dear Kara: My mother’s health has been steadily declining over the last few years. While she doesn’t have any life-limiting illnesses, she has a number of small health concerns. They have caused her to struggle with mobility and stamina. She is also a little bit confused at times. We have gradually begun making many of… Read more »

Is it Time to Give Up Driving?

Time to give up Driving?

Dear Janet: My father suffered a stroke three months ago. While he is doing remarkably well, I’m not sure how safe he is driving. My mom won’t really talk about it, but I sense she is afraid of his driving since the stroke. I took a look at their car when I visited their Columbus… Read more »

Medicare Advantage Plan: How It Works

Medicare Advantage Plan

Dear Tracy: My husband and I are thinking of switching to a Medicare Advantage Plan. We’ve heard it is a great way to save money, but we are a little confused about a few details. Does signing up mean we are no longer part of Medicare? Can we sign up any time of year we… Read more »

Providing Long-Distance Care for My Aging Parent

Providing long-distance care

Providing care for a loved one from afar doesn’t have to be a challenge. With these tips, you can develop a meaningful long-distance caregiving relationship with your parent or loved one that will be rewarding for everyone. Let’s get started! What is Long-Distance Caregiving? Providing care from a distance of more than an hour is… Read more »

What is Quality Income Trust?

What is Quality Income Trust

Dear Crystal: My parents have both had some serious health issues in recent years. I think in all likelihood, we will need to find a nursing home for them to move to in the very near future. My father is very unsteady on his feet and is falling quite often. Despite telling my mom over… Read more »