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7 Tips to Improve Communication With Your Doctor

Clear communication with your doctor is crucial when discussing any diagnosis, health plans, medications and/or symptoms. Improve conversations with your doctor with these simple tips. Improve Your Conversation When your doctor explains a diagnosis, explain it back to the doctor as you understand it. This will help make sure you understand the information correctly and allows… Read more »

My Mom Has Become Mean. What Do I Do?

Mom's Behavior has changed

Dear Kimberly: My mother has always been so kind and considerate of everyone’s feelings. She was someone that everyone loved being around until the past year or so when we noticed some behavior changes. She’s become very difficult and, as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes, she is downright mean. There is just… Read more »

Is the Medicare Observation Stay Costing You Money?

Occurring Costs of Observation Stay

Dear Jessica, My father was admitted to the hospital twice in one year for the same type of illness. The second bill was a little more than half the amount of the first one, but Medicare paid hardly any of it. And although his doctor recommended he go to a rehabilitation center after the second… Read more »

How to Involve My Parent When I Help Them

Involving a Parent when Helping Them

Dear Elonda, My mom has been living at home by herself since my dad passed away three years ago. She was doing okay at first but now she seems to be slowing down a bit and I’m trying to figure out how to help her. To help her, I go over once or twice a… Read more »

Respite for Caregivers this Spring Break

Respite Care For Spring Break

After a long, cold winter many Central Ohio families are looking forward to heading south to soak up the sun during spring break . If you are a caregiver for a senior you love, however, taking a break can often create anxiety. Worrying about how they are managing while you are away can keep you… Read more »

Questions to Ask at a Senior Rehab Care Conference

Questions to Ask at a Care Conference

When someone is staying at an inpatient rehab center, it’s natural for their loved ones to want to be kept in the loop and informed of their parent’s or loved one’s progress. Family communication at a physical therapy center is a vital part of the healing process. A good rehab center will make sure it’s easy for you… Read more »

How Online Caregiving Communities Can Help

Online Caregiving Communities

Central Ohio caregivers face challenges they may never have expected. Many are caring for aging parents while struggling to juggle their own children’s needs and a full-time job. Others are providing care for a senior loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease and trying to find ways to manage difficult behaviors. What we know about caregivers… Read more »

Make the Most of Your Insurance

Make the Most of Your Insurance

Many seniors struggle to work their way through the options and make an informed choice regarding their health insurance. Below is a brief breakdown for each option to help you make the best decision for your healthcare needs. Traditional Medicare Let’s start with traditional Medicare. It is made up of several parts. Here’s what you… Read more »

Online Safety for Seniors

Online Safety

Dear Jana: My husband and I recently bought my mom an iPad. Our children helped her set up an account on Facebook and showed her how to search for people she knows. We all thought it would be a great way for her to find old friends and to stay in touch with family. She’s… Read more »

Applying for Medicaid for a Central Ohio Senior

Applying for Medicaid

Dear Tracy: We know that the world of Medicaid can be very confusing, so we figured we should be asking questions about the things that aren’t clear. Our question is simple: what IS Medicaid, and why should our parents apply for it? Also, what tips do you have? Thank you so much! -The Everett Family… Read more »