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Helping a Central Ohio Senior with Medicare Open Enrollment

Every fall we receive questions about Medicare open enrollment from adult children in the Columbus area. Because many of them are not yet eligible for Medicare, they need advice on how to help their aging parent navigate through the yearly open enrollment process. What is Medicare Open Enrollment? For those unfamiliar with the open enrollment… Read more »

Respite to Give Caregivers Time for Spring Break

After a long, cold winter many Central Ohio families are looking forward to heading south to soak up the sun this month. If you are a caregiver for a senior you love, however, taking a break can often create anxiety. Worrying about how they are managing while you are away can keep you from relaxing… Read more »

How Online Caregiving Communities Can Help

Central Ohio caregivers face challenges they may never have expected. Many are caring for aging parents while struggling to juggle their own children’s needs and a full-time job. Others are providing care for a senior loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease and trying to find ways to manage difficult behaviors. What we know about caregivers… Read more »

5 Holiday Survival Tips for Central Ohio Caregivers

The holiday season is a time most of us look forward to all year long. For caregivers, however, the extra demands on their time can make the season feel overwhelming. To help central Ohio caregivers enjoy the holidays this year, we have pulled together a few tips. Holiday Survival Tips for Central Ohio Caregivers 1. Set… Read more »

Holiday Decorating with a Loved One with Dementia

When a central Ohio loved one who lives with you has Alzheimer’s disease, the holiday season can present more than a few unique challenges. One of those challenges is decorating. Decking the halls for Christmas or Hanukkah is a tradition many families enjoy doing together every year. The tinsel and twinkle add to the festive… Read more »

Pack Up a Healthier Picnic: Tips for Central Ohio Caregivers & Seniors

The month of July is traditionally a time in Central Ohio when family plans involve picnics and parties in the great outdoors. If your summer fun includes a senior loved one, planning heart smart menus is important. Many picnic and party foods are high in fat, salt, and sodium. All three are known to contribute… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

We hear it a lot—“what’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?” The confusion is natural. If you don’t have any experience with either program, it’s easy to get the two mixed up. To help clear things up, let’s go over the basics of Medicare and Medicaid, who’s eligible for each program, examples of what each… Read more »

My Mom Has Become Mean. What Do I Do?

Dear Kimberly: My mother has always been so kind and considerate of everyone’s feelings. She was someone that everyone loved being around until the past year or so. She’s become very difficult and, as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes, she is downright mean. There is just no reasoning with her when she… Read more »

Making Healthcare Decisions for Your Parent

Dear John: My parents have both had fairly serious health problems the last few months. Until then both of them were active and independent. To be honest, we never really discussed how we would handle legal decisions and what their wishes for the future might be. My brother and I thought, since our parents were… Read more »

Do’s and Don’ts When Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

If a central Ohio senior you love has Alzheimer’s disease, helping to provide care and support for them can present more than a few unique challenges. Because of the physical damage the disease causes to the brain, everything from judgment to speech can be impacted. For adult children and caregivers, figuring out how to manage… Read more »