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Thanking the Caregiver Who Cares for Your Loved One

Dear Mike: With the holiday season approaching, my family would like to do something to show our gratitude for one of the nurses that cares for my mom at her nursing home. While the whole staff is just terrific, this nurse has gone above and beyond to support my mom. We would like to give her… Read more »

What is Quality Income Trust? How Does it Affect My Parents?

Dear Crystal: My parents have both had some serious health issues in recent years. I think in all likelihood, we will need to find a nursing home for them to move to in the very near future. My father is very unsteady on his feet and is falling quite often. Despite telling my mom over… Read more »

Convincing Mom or Dad that It’s Time

Dear Greg: The time has come for my brother and me to talk with our father about moving to an assisted living community here in the Columbus area. From falls to car accidents to poor nutrition, he just isn’t safe living in his old house any longer. We just know it is time to make… Read more »

Medicare: Is 20 Days All I Get?

Dear Katie: My husband will be facing a fairly complex surgery later this month. His surgeon wants us to tour skilled nursing and rehab centers in central Ohio before the surgery. We are a bit confused about his Medicare benefit. A relative told us Medicare only pays for 20 days in a rehab center, but my husband’s… Read more »

Is it Time to Give Up the Keys?

Dear Janet: My father suffered a stroke three months ago. While he is doing remarkably well, I’m not sure how safe he is driving. My mom won’t really talk about it, but I sense she is afraid of his driving since the stroke. I took a look at their car when I visited their Columbus… Read more »

Medicare Advantage Plan: How It Works

Dear Tracy: My husband and I are thinking of switching to a Medicare Advantage Plan. We’ve heard it is a great way to save money, but we are a little confused about a few details. Does signing up mean we are no longer part of Medicare? Can we sign up any time of year we… Read more »

How to Plan a Summer Respite Stay

Dear Jaclyn: For the first time since I became a caregiver for my mom, my husband and I will be taking our family on a summer vacation. We know before long our kids won’t be very interested in spending their summers with us so we want to make this trip a priority. My concern is… Read more »

Traveling with Mom this Summer: Things to Consider

Dear Teri: My husband and I decided to include his 85-year old mother on our summer vacation this year. While our plans are still in the works, we expect to be staying at a national park for five or six nights. We haven’t tried this before so we are hoping for a little advice on… Read more »

Living Wills and Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Dear Steve: My husband and I are beginning to explore what types of legal and financial documents we need to have in place in the event of an emergency. While we’ve indicated to one another what our wishes are, we both know it’s important to put them in writing. I’m not quite sure what these… Read more »

Ask the Expert: How Do I Keep My Senior Loved One Safe Online?

Dear Jana: My husband and I recently bought my mom an iPad. Our children helped her set up an account on Facebook and showed her how to search for people she knows. We all thought it would be a great way for her to find old friends and to stay in touch with family. She’s… Read more »