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Communicating When Your Loved One Has Dementia

communicating with your loved one who has dementia

A person who has dementia may have difficulty finding the right words; they may repeat certain sounds, words, and phrases, seem confused, and be unable to adequately express themselves. This frustrating condition causes people to feel helpless, anxious, irritable, and depressed – a very difficult state to witness, especially when it attacks a person who… Read more »

Medicare: Is 20 Days All I Get?


Dear Katie: My husband will be facing a fairly complex surgery later this month. His surgeon wants us to tour skilled nursing and rehab centers in central Ohio before the surgery. We are a bit confused about his Medicare benefit. A relative told us Medicare only pays for 20 days in a rehab center, but my husband’s… Read more »

MacIntosh COVID-19 Prevention

COVID-19 Who's At Risk

During this unprecedented time, our commitment to families of patients and residents, as always, is to provide timely and accurate information. As it relates to COVID-19, effective communication is an important part of containing the virus. We continue to communicate the latest in preventative measures as well as actual cases in our center through phone… Read more »

Top 12 Tips for Beating the Blues this Winter


It’s that time of year again. The fun and festive holiday season is over. The grey days of winter have settled in. Snow and ice seem to be the primary topic of conversation among many central Ohio caregivers and seniors. If spring seems far off and you find yourself feeling a little blue, you aren’t… Read more »

Do My Senior Parents Need Immediate Help?

A senior woman sits with her relatives in an outdoor courtyard at an assisted living community

Dear Tess, My sister, who lives in the Columbus area, usually helps out Mom and Dad, because my husband and I live out of state. Although we try to visit during holidays, my sister is the one who takes care of my parents on a regular basis. When we visited at Thanksgiving, I was appalled… Read more »

Keeping Your House After Applying for Medicaid

how to keep your house after applying for medicaid

Dear Tracy: It looks like my grandfather will soon need skilled nursing. Our family has tried to help my grandmother keep him safe at home for as long as we can, but it’s becoming too dangerous for her to manage. He falls a lot and she is simply not able to help him get back… Read more »

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Central Ohio Caregivers

New Years Resolutions

As we head toward the start of a new year, weary caregivers may be struggling to find ways to lead healthier lives. The demands of caring for a senior loved one can take a toll on both the physical and emotional health of the caregiver. What can you, as a caregiver, do to start off… Read more »

5 Holiday Survival Tips for Central Ohio Caregivers

Holiday Survival for Caregivers

The holiday season is a time most of us look forward to all year long. For caregivers, however, the extra demands on their time can make the season feel overwhelming. To help central Ohio caregivers enjoy the holidays this year, we have pulled together a few tips. Holiday Survival Tips for Central Ohio Caregivers 1. Set… Read more »

Not in the Holiday Spirit? That’s Okay.

Not in the Holiday Spirit

Dear Georgette: My father passed away this fall, and my mom is still grieving his loss. They were married for over 50 years. While my husband and I have small children and feel like the holidays should still be a time to celebrate, my mom wants no part of Christmas. We are struggling to try… Read more »

Do’s and Don’ts When Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

If a central Ohio senior you love has Alzheimer’s disease, helping to provide care and support for them can present more than a few unique challenges. Because of the physical damage the disease causes to the brain, everything from judgment to speech can be impacted. For adult children and caregivers, figuring out how to manage… Read more »