How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Columbus, Ohio?

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My mom is in her mid-80s and while she’s in pretty good shape for her age, she’s starting to have some issues getting around. I think — and she agrees — that it’s time to start looking at assisted living communities.

So, how much does assisted living cost? And how much would it cost for Mom to live at a MacIntosh community?

Assisted Living Costs in Ohio

If you’re looking for information about the cost of assisted living, you might find that you’re having a difficult time getting an answer.

That’s because assisted living costs are often very specific to the individual. You’ll read more on that below, but first, here are some assisted living price ranges from the Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey 2019.

2019 Monthly Assisted Living Costs
State of Ohio Median Cost $4,339
National Median Cost $4,051

Some communities may fall above or below these rates based on their services and amenities. For example, communities that offer services like memory care may be closer to the $6,000-$8,000 range per month.

It’s important to keep in mind that the cost of assisted living varies by community and by resident. That’s why you won’t find one set fee for assisted living.

Assisted Living Costs at MacIntosh Care Communities

At MacIntosh, two rates factor into our assisted living costs: the apartment rate and the level of care rate, which is determined by an assessment done pre-move-in.

The apartment rate depends on the size of the apartment. The level of care rate is based on how much assistance the resident needs with things like dressing or medication management.

Together, those rates make up the monthly cost. Depending on your loved one, the monthly rate at a MacIntosh assisted living community can range from around $4,000-$5,000.

Included Fees vs. a La Carte Fees

One benefit of living at a MacIntosh senior living community, if your loved one chooses to go that route, is that our communities are all-inclusive. All services are included in the monthly fee, including:

  • Utilities
  • Weekly linen services
  • Daily towel service and trash removal
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Suite maintenance
  • Three daily meals plus snacks
  • Emergency call system
  • Activities and scheduled outings
  • Health assessment by a licensed nurse
  • Monitoring of health care needs by a physician

The only services that aren’t included are personal laundry and cable, which are available for nominal fees, plus any personal care items.

Other communities may offer what are called à la carte services. That means there may be additional fees for services like the ones listed above. Those fees are required on top of the monthly fees. When you tour communities, be sure to ask what is included and what isn’t.

Lifestyle Rate

At MacIntosh, we also offer something called a “lifestyle rate.” That is a lower rate for people who would like to move to one of our communities for the convenient lifestyle while maintaining the independent lifestyle they prefer, without requiring assistance with activities of daily living.

Some older adults prefer this option because it frees them from the hassle of home maintenance. They can live independently while enjoying services and amenities at the community.

Another benefit of this choice is that if you ever do need assistance, you don’t have to move. You can receive assisted living services right where you are.

Assisted Living Guide

How to Pay for Assisted Living

How do you cover the cost of assisted living?

Many people pay out of pocket. Medicare does not cover assisted living, nor do most private insurance policies. However, if a resident has long-term care insurance or veteran’s benefits, those can be financially beneficial and assist with covering the cost.

At our Whetstone community in Columbus, we also accept the assisted living Medicaid waiver after two years of private pay in assisted living. There are only a few select communities that accept this waiver.

It works like this: if a resident who has moved into Whetstone spends their funds after two or more years of private pay, they can apply for the assisted living Medicaid waiver. As long as they’re still a good fit, they can remain in assisted living and transition from private pay to the Medicaid waiver.

And don’t worry — most communities (MacIntosh included) will go over the finances of any potential resident to determine if they are a good fit and can afford it. You don’t have to worry about your loved one moving in and running out of money in six months. We’ll go over all of that before she makes the move.

Find Out How Much Assisted Living Will Cost for Your Loved One

As you can see,  the cost of assisted living is dependent on the specific needs of a resident as well as which apartment they choose.

You’re invited to schedule a tour of any MacIntosh community to discuss the cost of assisted living, as well as any other questions you may have. While you’re here, a member of our team will go over specific costs and discuss our monthly fee structure in detail.

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