Ask the Expert: Benefits of Pre-Registering for a Post-Hospital Rehab Stay

Dear Edward:

I will be going into a Columbus-area hospital for knee replacement surgery this fall. My surgeon informed me that I will need to transition to a short-term rehab center for more therapy after I leave the hospital. He mentioned that some rehab centers accept pre-registrations so patients can set-up their stay before they even have their surgery. What is the benefit of doing so and not just waiting to see if I really need therapy and doing it then?

Alice in Columbus, Ohio

Dear Alice,

Good question! I’m glad you asked it so we have the opportunity to share this information with you and other older adults who read our blog.

By pre-registering for your recovery, you can head off to the hospital with peace of mind in knowing what comes next. You can take your time and visit rehab centers beforehand so you can make the choice that best meets your needs. Your family won’t have to scramble to find time to visit rehab centers for tours while you are in the hospital.

We schedule appointments so that prospective patients, like yourself, can tour any of our five Columbus-area care communities, meet the rehab team, talk with the clinical staff, and have all your questions answered. During your visit, we will also verify your insurance coverage to allow for a quicker pre-approval from your insurance provider once you are ready for your discharge from the hospital.

Finally, our physical therapists can work with your physician to provide you with a few pre-surgery exercises you can perform at home. They will help you make a quicker recovery after your surgery.

To learn more about our rehab center and post-hospital surgery recovery, please visit Whetstone Gardens online or call us at (614) 457-1100.

Good luck with your surgery, Alice. Hope we see you this fall at Whetstone Gardens!