video chat with senior and caregiverBeing a caregiver for an aging parent or loved one is never easy. The demands of providing care can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. For adult children who care for a central Ohio senior long distance, there are additional challenges. Even if the distance doesn’t seem too far, finding the time to make frequent stops to check on them can still be difficult. Unfortunately, this is a balancing act more and more families are beginning to face.

According to The National Institutes on Aging, seven million people in this country are long distance caregivers for a senior loved one. The good news is that advancing elder care technology has made it easier to remotely monitor a loved one’s health and safety from a distance.

Technology for Long Distance Caregivers

Having a technology option that allows you to have a “face-to-face” conversation with your elderly loved one can ease the stress of wondering and worrying how they are doing. Being able to monitor their medical conditions long distance also helps.

Here are a few solutions to consider if you are caring for a central Ohio senior long distance:

  • Video Chat: Being able to see a senior loved one’s face can help you assess how they are doing.Are they flush faced as if they have a fever?Do they seem a bit down? A daily video chat can allow you to virtually talk with them to make those determinations.Skype is a free service that can be accessed using a tablet device or laptop. Video Care and Grand Care are two senior-friendly systems that offer easy-to-use video chat in addition to a variety of other services.

  • Telemonitoring: These in-home monitoring services are also known as telehealth programs. Physicians and home health agencies often use them to track a patient’s condition throughout the day. The technology helps clinical teams intervene to keep small problems from becoming big ones. Talk with your older loved one’s physician to see if they might be a candidate for one.

  • Smart House Technology: These more recent technologies allow long-distance caregivers to keep tabs on a senior loved one’s health and safety via sensors installed throughout the home. Different systems offer different features ranging from a text alert to let you know if your aging parent hasn’t gotten out of bed at their usual time to sending you a warning if an exterior door has been opened during the night. Be Close Elderly Monitoring and Grand Care are both systems that receive good reviews from tech experts and families.

We hope these suggestions help you find ways to confidently care for your Columbus area senior loved one long distance.

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