6 Considerations in Choosing a Skilled Rehab Center

If a Columbus area senior loved one is hospitalized following an injury or illness, or if they are recovering from a planned surgery, their physician has likely recommended they continue their rehab. In many cases, the recommendation is a short-term stay in a skilled nursing and rehab center. While most older adults are anxious to return home, taking advantage of the Medicare Skilled Nursing and Rehab benefit can help shorten their overall recovery time and prevent a return trip to the hospital.

The big question for families is how to know what to look for when choosing a rehab center for their senior loved one. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions.

Tips for Finding a Rehab Center for a Senior Loved One

Here are a few things to consider when you are talking with short-term rehab providers on your loved one’s behalf:

  1. Will the patient have a private room? This is important to most people, especially when they aren’t feeling well.
  2. Is the location convenient? Think about who the most frequent visitors will be and how easy it is to get to the rehab center. If an elderly spouse will be the primary visitor, it helps to find a quality provider near them.
  3. How does Medicare rate the rehab center? You can use Nursing Home Compare to review detailed information on every Medicare and Medicaid-certified skilled nursing and rehab center in the country. The site also allows you to compare one center you are considering with another.
  4. What is the patient to staff ratio? Having enough caregivers to provide quality care is important for a patient’s successful recovery.
  5. What is the community’s reputation? Word of mouth can play a big role in helping you decide what rehab center to choose. Ask friends and colleagues who have been through this with a loved one for advice.
  6. What is the success rate after a patient leaves? It is important to know what percentage of patients return home to live independently and also how many patients end up back in the hospital.

Our final suggestion is to be sure you read and understand the Guide to Medicare Skilled Nursing and Rehab Benefit. It will help you determine what Medicare will and won’t pay for during your senior loved one’s short-term stay.

Have further questions on what to ask when choosing a skilled rehab center? Feel free to contact us for more information!