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assisted living signs


10. Four Signs It's Time for Assisted Living

You’ve noticed some changes in your parent. Maybe Mom isn’t dressing like she used to, or perhaps Dad no longer plays bridge even though he used to love it. But are these signs that it’s time for assisted living?







9. 24 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

When you’re touring an assisted living community (which we really do recommend), you’ll want to be sure to ask the right questions while you’re there.

But what are the right questions?




How Much Does Assisted Living Cost


8. Ask the Expert: How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

Dear Jaclyn,

My mom is in her mid-80s and while she’s in pretty good shape for her age, she’s starting to have some issues getting around. I think—and she agrees—that it’s time to start looking at assisted living communities.




macintosh long term care


7. How Will My Parent's Needs be Met in Long-Term Care? 
Long-term care communities provide assistance with activities of daily living, which include walking, eating, dressing/grooming, toileting, bathing and transferring/standing up.





assisted living downsizing


6. Must Haves When Downsizing to Assisted Living
When you’re preparing to make the move to an assisted living community, it can be a little intimidating to contemplate the downsizing process (also known as rightsizing). Many of us have lived in our homes for decades, which makes it difficult to imagine what our life will look like somewhere else.




senior outside with son


5. Ask the Expert: Senior Friendly Places in Columbus

Dear Kara:

I’m trying to create a list of senior-friendly places in and around the Columbus area for my 81-year old mother and her friends. I’m specifically looking for restaurants and stores that offer senior discounts or special services to make life easier for older adults. Do you have such a list or do you know where I can find one?



confused senior


4. Do's and Dont's When Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's Disease
If a central Ohio senior you love has Alzheimer’s disease, helping to provide care and support for them can present more than a few unique challenges. Because of the physical damage the disease causes to the brain, everything from judgment to speech can be impacted. 




cost of in home care


3. Cost Comparison Worksheet: Assisted Living vs. Staying at Home

Is your parent having some trouble living independently at home? Are you starting to consider assisted living as an option?

If so, you’re probably like most adult children in Ohio who are in the same boat—you want to find the right care for your parent, but you want to know much each option is going to cost before you make any final decisions.



post hospital rehab insurance


2. Ask the Expert: Post-Hospital Rehab Insurance Questions

Dear Kristen,

My father was recently hospitalized for a broken hip. Dad’s doctor told us that he’ll need post-hospital rehab following his stay to help him get back on his feet.




mac rehab food


1. Ask the Expert: How's the Food in Rehab?

Dear Sharon,

My mother is having her knee replaced, and she will be staying at a Central Ohio rehabilitation facility to recover.

However, she is an extremely picky eater. I’m concerned she won’t like the food and will be miserable during her stay.